Treatment Options For Lung Cancer

Treatment for many severe diseases including cancer has now become easy owing to numerous advancements in medicine. Research and studies are being carried out to help create and develop new and improved methods to treat many diseases. With the increase in occurrences of many lifestyle related diseases, the need for new developments is also increasing.

Many people around the world suffer from diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases due to increased consumption of processed foods and faulty diet systems. Alcohol and nicotine addictions have increased the susceptibility to mouth and throat cancers. Lung cancer rates are increasing owing to the huge number of pollutants in the atmosphere. Read below to know more about the different treatment options available for lung cancer.

Treatments for Lung Cancer


Chemotherapy treatment is one of the best known treatments for almost all types of cancers, including lung cancer. This treatment may be carried out in combination with other therapies such as radiation therapy, to increase its effectiveness. Sometimes, after undergoing surgery for removal of a cancerous tumor, chemotherapy may need to be carried out to kill the cancer cells that may have possibly metastasized (spread to other body parts). This is known as adjuvant therapy.


Surgery, though invasive in nature, may need to be carried out in cases when the cancerous tumor is large enough to not shrink down by the use of drugs and medications. A portion of the lobe of the lung, the entire lobe, or the entire lung may have to be removed.

Treatment Options For Lung Cancer


The type of surgery depends upon the nature of the tumor, its size, its shape and its location. Sometimes, a technique known as cryotherapy may also be carried out. This technique is done by freezing the tumor to destroy it.

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Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy makes use of high-energy beams to focus on the cancerous tumor, to destroy it. This can be done by directly focusing the rays from outside your body, or by putting inside the cancerous area through needles or catheters, or by placing inside the body near the cancer area.

This therapy may be used in combination with chemotherapy to help speed up the process of recovery. Stereotactic body radiotherapy is another option for people suffering from very small lung tumors that are cancerous. This is done usually in a small number of sessions.

Targeted Drug Therapy

Treatment Options For Lung Cancer

Targeted drug therapy is a relatively new therapy for the treatment of lung cancer. They work by targeting specific abnormalities in the cancer cells. Avastin, a drug used in targeted drug therapy, stops the tumor from growing and the cancer cells from spreading by cutting down the blood supply of the tumor. Blood vessels connecting to the tumor give it a fresh supply of blood and oxygen, which cause it to grow. This is stopped by inhibiting the flow of blood to the tumor.

Tarceva, another drug used in targeted drug therapy for lung cancer, stops the growth of cancer cells by blocking the signal that causes them to divide and grow. Smokers are less likely to benefit from this technique.

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