Treatments For Breast Cancer

Treatments For Breast Cancer

Treatments For Breast Cancer Can you imagine yourself living without a breast or living your life hopelessly because of the fact that you are dying? Well this would really be a sad reality for those individuals who are suffering from cancer. Everybody is actually at risk to suffer from cancer, since this disease can attack anyone who has a low resistance. There are really lots of things that you need to consider in order to prevent the occurrence of this disease.

But, sometimes you cannot really prevent and stop its occurrence. There are actually lots of types of cancer but the most common among women is the breast cancer. Breast cancer can be hereditary where you have two or more relatives that are also suffering from any kind of cancer and most specifically the breast cancer. Another factor that can lead you to breast cancer is actually the abusive actions done to your breast.

Sign of Breast Cancer

The most common sign of breast cancer is actually a lump on your breast that is not painful. You really need to do self-examination on your breast in order to check whether you have a questionable lump on your breast. Mammogram will help you see whether you have a lump on your breast or not. A painless lump on the breast will just help the physicians to conclude that you are suffering from breast cancer.

Treatments for Breast Cancer

Is there really a cure for breast cancer? This is actually a common question that most women want to know. Indeed, there are cure for breast cancer. The cure for this disease will be based on the severity of the cancer. It also depends on the kind of cancer whether it is benign or malignant. You can undergo surgery or any of the therapies intended for cancer. Most malignant breast cancer really go into a surgery in order to preserve the other part of the breast, thus saving the patient’s life.

Removal of Breast through Surgery

When you say surgery, there would really be a great possibility that your breast will entirely be removed, but this will only depends on the physician’s decision. The physician will decide depending on the severity of the cancer. There are actually different types of surgery that can help cure breast cancer.

If you observe that you have a painless lump on your breast, it is really important that you have to visit your physician in order to check this can cause you to have a cancerous breast. The surgery that you will undergo in this condition is biopsy. In this procedure, the surgeon will get some samples of the lump and send it to the laboratory since this will help them decide whether it the cells it contains are benign or malignant. Some surgical treatments are:


Lumpectomy is the procedure of removing the breast tumor or lump along with some other tissues surrounding it. It is a form of “breast preservation” or “breast conserving” surgery. Some other names given to lumpectomy treatment are: biopsy, re-excision, wedge resection or quadrantectomy.

Breast Cancer


It is very important for you to know from your doctor that how much part of the breast will be removed after surgery and what kind of scars will be left. But there are actually lots of surgeries that will help in removing this cancer cells. Lumpectomy is another kind of surgery where the surgeon will just get the cancerous or the affected part of the breast.

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A mastectomy is a surgical procedure, where the whole breast is removed which is affected by a cancer. During the early period, radical mastectomy was the standard treatment for the complete removal of breast. However, over the past few decades, with the advance in science and technology more new surgical breakthrough options have been given to women which are preventive mastectomy, partial mastectomy and radical mastectomy.

The treatment for breast cancer and the type of mastectomy used for the cancer depends upon several factors, which are: age, menopause status, general health, tumor stage, tumor size, and tumor hormone receptor status.


In some cases, the cancer cells are not yet severely metastasis, you can actually cure this through therapy. The most common among all therapies is the chemotherapy. In this therapy, the patient is given anti neoplastic drugs. These drugs will help kill those cancer cells that divide rapidly.

It will actually hinder that production of cancer cells by killing them. Cancer cells will actually divide rapidly compared to normal cell, thus chemotherapy will help in preventing the continuous division of these cancerous cells.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy or radiotherapy is the most effective and extremely embattled way of destroying cancer cells inside the breast. The danger of re occurrence of cancer cells reduces to about 70% with the assistance of radiotherapy or radiation therapy.

ways to treat with breast cancer

This therapy is the most tolerable treatment among all the treatments and the side effects are also limited compare to others. You could also have this targeted therapy which is much alike with chemotherapy but this is more advance and more develop.

Hormonal Therapy

It is a therapy in which hormones are given in the form of medicines to treat breast cancer. These medicines take care of hormone-receptor-positive in 2 ways: a) It reduces the quantity of estrogen (hormone) in the body. b) It wedges the estrogen’s action on the breast cells. In women’s body, most of the estrogen is produced in the ovaries. The estrogen helps in making the hormone-receptor-positive cancer cells grow.

Hence, by blocking the estrogen action and by lowering its amount reduces the risk of re occurrence of breast cancer after surgery. Several types of hormonal therapy medicines are available in the market, which are: estrogen down regulator receptor, selective estrogen modulator receptor and aromatase inhibitors.

All of these therapies are actually the most common among others that most cancer patients undergo. Actually, there are solutions for every problem in this generation. It is really so possible to live a normal life after a great crisis. Just like those who are suffering from breast cancer. You don’t actually have to worry because there are now new technologies that can help cure your breast cancer. Live life without fear since there is a cure for your disease.

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