Treatments Options For Cervical Cancer

Treat Cervical Cancer

Treat Cervical Cancer Cervical cancer is a condition developed when the abnormal cells on the cervix goes out of control. This is caused basically by a virus known as “Papilloma virus or HPV”, which we get through sexual contacts with infective person.

The major symptoms of cervical cancer includes abnormal vaginal bleeding or unexplained changes in the menstrual cycle, bleeding during intercourse or when something makes contact with the cervix, experiencing pain during sex as well as discharge from the vagina tinted with blood.

Treatment for cervical cancer is available if it is detected early enough. In fact, procedures and preventive measures for cervical cancer have gradually improved over the past few years. The three major treatments for cervical cancer are surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

Methods To Treat Cervical Cancer

Surgical Treatment

Surgical treatment involves a cone biopsy procedure. This procedure is performed by removing a bit of cone shaped tissue which is then viewed with microscope with an aim of confirming the presence of cancer cells. This implies that it is both diagnostic and treatment measure. Hysterectomy is another surgical treatment for cervical cancer.

Treatment of cervical cancer

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However, the kind of Hysterectomy that your doctor will recommend depends upon the stage of cancer. In the early stages, Total Hysterectomy is performed which involves removal of cervix and uterus while radical Hysterectomy is used at later stages which involves the removal of cervix, uterus, some part of the vagina and even the lymph nodes in the affected area. Though these surgical procedures will cure cancer, however they will pose problems in conceiving.

Radiation Treatment

In this case, attempts are made to kill cancer by means of high energy X-rays. These radiations can be administered either internally or externally. In internal radiation, needles or other devices are used to supply the radiation to the cancer in the cervix. On the other hand, in external radiation, cancer is targeted by high energy X-rays using a machine from outside the body. It is important to realize that radiation is administered carefully, as it can cause harm to other healthy body parts. Both of these methods can be used in the treatment of cervical cancer. Again, the method chosen depends upon the stage of the cancer.

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In chemotherapy, drugs are used to kill or even stop the multiplication of the cancer cells. The major goal is destroying the cancer cell without causing harm to healthy cells. The drugs are administered either in pills form or by using intravenous procedure. This administered medication will travel through the body and kill the cells in the affected area.

Treatment for cervical cancer

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However, the number of sessions of chemotherapy will depend upon the stage of the cancer, as well as the other treatments in process. Most likely you will be required to use chemotherapy six times in a period of 3-4 weeks which can continue to several months.

Chemotherapy and radiation can be used together in the treatment of cervical cancer. To conclude, the treatment of cervical cancer depends upon the stage of cancer and therefore it is necessary to do regular medical checkups and consult your doctor as soon as you notice the symptoms of cervical cancer.

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