Typical Yeast Infection Symptoms In Women

Yeast Infection Symptoms In Women

That annoying itch in the vagina is just driving you crazy, isn’t it? Perhaps you were a bit too generous with that perfumed body gel while showering or donned that figure-flaunting bikini for way too long after a swim.

Irrespective of how it occurred, you are itching like crazy down there alongside reddishness and lumpy discharge like cottage cheese – all characteristic indications of a yeast infection.

Approximately three-fourths of women develop vaginal yeast infections that can be rather pesky but the good news is that they generally subside within few weeks with the use of over-the-counter or prescription medications.

Who’s the Savage?

The key culprit for highly prevalent vulval-vaginal yeast infections is unrestrained growth of the yeast Candida albicansis present often in damp and tepid regions of the body like vaginal or armpit areas. This yeast is an innate non-problematic resident of the vagina in nearly fifty percent of women. A delicate balance amid the sound bacterial forms and dire fungal forms averts infections. However any imbalance leads to yeast proliferation and causal to aggravating symptoms.

Chronic (Recurrent) Yeast Infections

Around five to eight percent of females suffer from 4 or more episodes of vaginal yeast infections annually and the condition is termed as recurrent yeast infections. This occurs because the Candida albicansis continually overpowers the good bacterial forms in the vagina. It can be really exasperating for such women sufferers as well as their physicians as despite taking preventative measures and treatment they still succumb to it.

Yeast Infection Symptoms in Women

Vaginal yeast infection isn’t considered as an STI (sexually transmitted infection) and atypically is a critical or grave condition.

Yeast infection symptoms that women commonly experience comprise of:

Persistent Feminine Itching

Yeast Infection Symptoms In Women

Also termed as vaginal irritation or itching it’s best described as a kind of uncomfortable or scratchy or irritating sensation felt in external vaginal areas like vulval, clitoris and labial parts that simply doesn’t stop after a day or aggravates. Such form of discomforting feeling is generally felt externally rather than in the deeper areas of the vaginal or pelvic region.

Vulval Inflammation

A number of women suffering from yeast infections complain of reddishness, swelling and stinging (burning) sensations in the vulva (the external genital organs in females).

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Irregular Discharge and Odour from Vagina

There is a marked increase in the amount of vaginal discharge that appears dense, whitish or yellowish and clump- like in appearance akin to cottage cheese which is often experienced alongside vulval inflammation. Vaginal discharge linked to yeast infection isn’t generally foul-smelling and if the situation really worsens then a faint uncharacteristic starchy odour from vagina might be the case.

Painful or Discomforting Urination

Quite a few women suffering from yeast infections cite pains and burning sensations when they urinate. Usually yeast infections can cause frequent and urgent urination. Candida albicansis can trigger irritation in the urethral aperture (location of urinary exit).

Dyspareunia (Pain during intercourse)

The presence of yeast infection symptoms can cause discomfort during vaginally engaged sexual intercourse and irritation arising as a result only aggravates the infection.

Important Advice

It cannot be amply emphasized that a visit to a physician is crucial on the foremost instant that a woman becomes symptomatic as the symptoms explicated above could additionally arise due to the presence of some forms of STDs, parasitic forms, infections in the cervix or vagina etc.