breast reduction surgery side effects

Breast reduction surgery will no doubt provide the desired relief from neck pain and back ache, but you will have to bear with some side effects like any other surgical operation. Breast reduction surgery causes minimum side effects provided you select an expert cosmetic surgeon.

Your surgeon will provide you a comprehensive guideline regarding the side effects of this surgery and ways to overcome them. In rare cases, unexpected side effects may crop up post breast reduction surgery. Proper post operative care and medications are absolutely necessary to minimize the side effects.


Sufficient rest is required to ensure faster healing of the wound. A woman can get back to her normal lifestyle within 2-3 weeks after the surgery, but it is recommended to lead a restricted lifestyle for one month even if there is no significant side effect.

Possible Side Effects Of Breast Reduction Surgery:

The sutures will be removed within one or two weeks after the surgery and you will have to wear surgical bras for several weeks. The surgeon may delay the removal of sutures depending upon the condition of the wound.

Pain And Tiredness:

You will feel exhausted and experience pain in the breasts after
breast reduction surgery. Your surgeon will advise painkillers and antibiotic creams to ease out the pain. Any muscular contraction on the chest, sneezing and coughing may aggravate the pain. Tenderness and swelling of the breasts prior to your periods will also increase the pain. The pain will gradually subside within a week. Take sufficient rest and sleep for minimum 7-8 hours to reduce fatigue. Take a nutrient rich diet. Avoid any strenuous work and lifting of heavy objects.

Scars On The Breasts:

Breast reduction surgery will inevitably leave scar marks on your breasts and these are permanent in most of the cases. The scar marks may fade with time, but does not go away permanently. Lifting of heavy objects or performing any strenuous job few days after surgery may worsen the scars.

Changes In Sensation:

You might experience a different type of sensation on the breasts and the nipple areas after breast reduction surgery. Numbness in the nipples and the areola (the dark area surrounding the nipples) may last for 6-12 months. Sometimes the nipples are removed completely and relocated, a process known as free nipple graft. This is mainly carried on women with large breasts. In such cases, the nipples may lose sensation permanently as the nerves of the nipple are severed. Women may regain some sensation with the healing of the nerves, but it is time consuming.

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Other Side Effects:

Light bleeding and swelling may be observed in the initial days post surgery, which generally subsides within few days. You might experience itching around the incision, and the skin may appear dry. Application of moisturizer will reduce the itching and dryness. Avoid moisturizing the areas of incision. You will not be able to breastfeed after breast reduction surgery. Sometimes infections may set in accompanied by fever and discharge of pus.

You should consult your surgeon immediately without any delay and follow the prescribed treatments. It is very important to follow the post operative guidelines strictly in order to prevent infections and other complications Some women may feel depressed due to unexpected outcome of breast reduction surgery. The family should provide enough support and help her to recover from depression.