Understanding The Breast Cancer Symptoms

It is a worrying fact for most women that there are no breast cancer symptoms in the earliest phase of cancer. But if one goes for a mammogram yearly the chances of detecting it is possible, before the formation of the lump. Some lumps are benign so it is important to test it immediately. Doing a monthly self exam is also beneficial in detecting any lump, cancerous or not.

Some Common Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

A lump in the breast or armpit is the first symptom of breast cancer. The aggressive part of this disease is known to grow in sheets of tumor cells which cover the skin and shows in the form of a rash. Self examination is the best way to familiarize with the skin and breast texture or the size.

Some of the other symptoms are nipple discharge, which can be clear or have blood, inverted or painful nipple, skin irritation or dimpling, scaling, redness and thickening of the breast skin and swelling on all parts of the breast. The more early one can detect, the faster it can be treated and heighten ones survival.

Symptoms Of Advanced Breast Cancer

The most advanced stage of this cancer is called stage 4 or metastatic breast cancer, when it has spread from the breast and armpit to other parts of the body. The symptoms felt at this stage are headaches, weakness, weight loss, pain in the bones, little or no appetite and breathing problem.

Some Symptoms Of Inflammatory Breast Cancer

An appearance of a lump is not found to be a symptom of breast cancer in this case. In inflammatory cancer the cells grow in sheets instead of lumps and show itself in the form of rashes. There will not be any effect on applying medicated creams or lotions and it should be treated at once.

The symptoms in this case are, chronic itching on the breast which does not get relieved with cream, the skin color of the breast changes to pink, red or dark colors, the sudden increase in the size of the breast to almost a cup size in a short time and it will be harder or warm when touched. Some pain in the breast may occur which are not during the menstruation cycle, while in the later stage, breast skin ulcers form. The skin texture will feel similar to that of an orange.

Some Symptoms Which Show Recurrence Of Breast Cancer

This can be local, regional and distant and have to be treated differently. The local recurrent shows itself in the form of a tiny lump or rash under the skin or near the cutting out area. While the regional recurrence breast cancer symptom is a swollen lymph node which shows itself either in the armpit where the surgery had taken place or above the collar bone or sides of the neck. It is important to note that if a new tumor appears, it may not be in the same area and will have a different pathology. The new cancer is usually treated differently from the first one.