Urinary Bladder Infection Symptoms And Treatments

Urine Infection in Men Bladder is the organ that holds urine as it is released from kidney. In case of urinary tract infection it is mostly bladder that has infection which spreads through the urine passage. Urinary bladder infection is also known as cystitis.

It is very common amongst women than men. Inflammation of bladder is usually harmless if detected and treated at the earliest. Women who are sexually active, pregnant or diabetic are more likely to get it. Also, cases where fluid intake is limited or insufficient, the vulnerability to infection increases manifold.

Urinary Bladder Infection Symptoms And Treatments

Discomfort While Passing Urine 

Discomfort While Passing Urine

Women suffering from this infection experience pain and burning sensation while passing urine. The urine from an infected bladder has very acidic and bad odour emanating from it. The patient also suffers from a persistent urge to urinate frequently even when the bladder is not full.

Heaviness and tenderness of the abdomen

The bladder is located in the lower abdomen and therefore the feeling of tenderness and heaviness can be felt there. Many patients may also experience shooting pain the stomach, pelvic region and back. However, severe pain may also indicate that the infection has spread to kidneys. It is a critical issue and patient needs medical attention urgently in this case.


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Fever along with chills is a common symptom of an infection. With bladder infection too, you can have a fever which may hover around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The sensation of nausea and little vomiting is also considered normal.


The diagnosis of bladder infection is done through urine test. The urine sample is tested for bacteria and other germs that might have caused the infection. In some cases where doctor suspects widespread infection, a detailed CT scan may also be ordered to check the extent of infection as well as wellbeing of other organs like kidneys and urinary passage.

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In certain cases where either anatomical defects are believed to be causing infection or there is repeated widespread infection, cystoscopy may be recommended. Cystoscopy is a procedure where an instrument with light on the tip called cystoscope is inserted in the urinary tract and bladder through Urethra thereby providing a view of the interior of the entire tract.

Treatment For Urinary Bladder Infection

The treatment of bladder infection is very basic. A course of anti-biotic like amoxicillin is prescribed to heal the infection as well as the inflammation. Pain killers may also be prescribed in case of extreme pain in the abdomen or while passing urine. Heavy consumption of fluids is recommended to wash away the infection through urine. Tender coconut water and cranberry juice are very helpful in fighting the bladder infection. Consumption of caffeine and alcohol should be restricted completely when there is infection as these can irritate the bladder further.


One must be careful about the genital hygiene but refrain from using perfumes and powders there. Also, use of sanitary napkin during the menstrual cycle is preferred over tampons if your susceptible to this infection.


Also follow the routine of changing the Sanitary Napkin every four hours. make sure that you and your partner wash themselves before and after sexual intercourse. Holding urine regularly and for a long time can also lead to bladder infection.

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