Use Of Breast Milk For Cancer Treatment

Breast Milk For Cancer

Breast Milk For Cancer Breast milk contains a variety of nutrients that help develop immunity in a baby. This is something which we are all used to hearing from doctors and health workers worldwide. One would start wondering what the connection between cancer treatment and breast milk is.

Recent researches on the subject have been encouraging and suggest that breast milk can in fact help in destroying cancer cells in the body and retracting the disease tremendously.

Since it is too early to predict its effectiveness, it can be tried as an alternative treatment option for terminally ill patients. Here are some facts about breast milk and how it could help in the treatment of cancer.

Breast Milk For Cancer Treatment

Nutritious Qualities

Looking at the nutritional facts of breast milk, it is full of proteins, carbohydrates and fats that are required for the body. Breast milk contains stem cells that help in regeneration of the damaged cells in the body due to cancer. It also contains essential hormones, & proteins required for digestion as well as essential minerals and vitamins.

Though breast milk cannot be used as the single remedy for treating cancers, it can be a treatment method that can be undertaken along with your regular chemo sessions and radiation therapy in order to strengthen the body, if not destroy the cancer cells.

Destruction Of Cancer Cells

Breast Milk To Treat Cancer

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A study conducted in Sweden about the power of breast milk in destroying cancer cells opened up new discoveries about the potency of breast milk in cancer treatment.

A Swedish biologist who was looking at ways to destroy cancer cells mixed breast milk along with the cancer cells and found that the cancer cells were actually being destroyed by the breast milk.The finding is still in its research stage.

However, patients can still benefit by trying to include breast milk in their daily diet to check its efficiency. Since breast milk is completely pure and free from side effects, this is a clinical trial that can be safely administered for one and all.

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Milk Therapy And Its Benefits

Many patients who have undertaken clinical trials have certified the efficiency of this treatment method and have found that their immunity has drastically improved with the intake of breast milk, which can also have a direct effect on the retraction of cancer. However, there is still a long way to go before milk therapy can become a major treatment method for all kinds of cancerous tumours.

Milk Therapy Options

For patients willing to go through milk therapy, breast milk can be either obtained through their relatives or friends or acquired through a milk bank as well.

However, milk banks are specifically targeted towards premature infants and those babies whose mothers do not have sufficient milk for breast feeding,  they are also willing to donate a part of their reserve for research and development for cancer sufferers.

Milk therapy can be undertaken by all cancer patients along with their conventional treatment methods. Talk to your doctor about possible ways by which you can include this in your diet.