Useful Back Pain Relief With Little Nursing

Back Pain Relief with Little Nursing

Back Pain Relief with Little Nursing Postpartum back pain is a common occurrence. During pregnancy, the growing uterus stretches and weakens the muscles of the stomach. As the weight of the baby increases so does the pressure on the back bone.

The situation is further aggravated during delivery when further pressure is put on the already weakened muscles. This is the reason why many new mothers complain of back pain after delivery.

Nursing and back pain are also closely related as a wrong nursing posture further aggravates the pressure on the back bone and the surrounding ligaments.

Here are some basic tips that will help in reducing the problem of back pain.

Back Pain Relief with Little Nursing

Position of the Body When Nursing

The position of your body as you breast feed your baby, plays an important role in relieving pressure from the back.

After pregnancy always maintain a straight gait. You need to maintain a straight standing and sitting position.

If you suffer from pain in the lower region of your back then use a footstool to place your feet slightly above the ground so that while feeding, your posture does not put pressure on the lower back.

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Before starting to feed, prepare the place where you will be nursing the baby. Choose a relaxed sitting position and keep lots of pillows for supporting the back and the arms when feeding.

Secondly, when nursing, lift the baby near your breast rather than bend down to reach him. There are other different ways of feeding a baby. Choose the position in which you and your baby are most comfortable.

Thirdly, after the pregnancy period, mothers should strictly avoid bending their back directly to the ground to pick up weight. When in the need to lift things up, bend the knees first into a crouching position before lifting things up. This reduces pressure on the back.

Finally, never lift very heavy objects. Always ask for help. If help is not available, then make sure that you distribute the weight and use both hands to carry them. The other way is to use some kind of a handle to fetch the weight.

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Start Small Exercises

Begin to perform small exercises that will help to strengthen your abdominal muscles and enhance their flexibility.

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New mothers can start with walks for short periods of time. Increase the walking period as you start to feel stronger. Swimming is one more exercise that not only relaxes your stretched muscles but also helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles.

Once your physician approves your practicing more strengthening exercises, start doing pelvic tilts at a regular basis. One more exercise that will help to strengthen the muscles around the tail of the vertebral column is the contraction and relaxation of the hip muscles.

Gentle postures in yoga, some stretching exercises and meditation are some other forms of exercise that will help you to enhance your inner strength as well as your muscles.

Adhering to the above advices on nursing and back pain will help you to enjoy the developing years of your baby.