Vaginal Discomfort In Older Women

With the growing age it is common to have several discomforts in the body. Vaginal discomfort is the most common occurrence for the women of advanced age. This may happen due to various biological changes that takes place in the body with the increasing age. These changes may also affect the menstrual cycle and may lead to discomfort.

The various other reasons which may lead to vaginal discomfort can be listed as follows:

Vaginal Dryness- The Most Common Cause Of All

Vaginal dryness is the most common problem which worries women. The problem not only prevails in old age women but also affects many younger girls.

This may happen due to the decrease in estrogen which happens along with the menopause causes and results the vaginal lining to become thinner.

This also results in decrease in mucous glands and thus results in inability of the body to produce natural lubricant and thus resulting in the dryness of vagina.

The easy way to prevent this dryness is to have sex on regular basis. This may keep the vaginal tissue moist and also help them do their function properly.

Also now artificial lubricants are available and the same can also be used for the providing lubrication.

Highly Annoying Vaginal Pain

With the increase in age the blood circulation in the body also becomes slow as a result of which the damage in any part of the body may take time to heal.

The vulva which is the external area around the vagina also becomes thinner and is at maximum risk to cause pain to you.

The risk of pain is further increased due to slow blood circulation as mentioned above this is because till vulva does not receive blood it may not heal the problem and may cause pain.

This can be prevented by regular exercise. As is well known, exercise can help you keep your body fit and fine and free from all sorts of problems.

Vaginal Itching- Common In All Age

Vaginal itching is also common in all age group of women but more so in older women. This may happen due to various infections in the vagina which may result in itching in pubic area.

Most commonly old aged women’s are affected by the problem of vaginal itching because of the increase in age makes body prone to various infections.

Also the vagina of olden women are less acidic as compared to younger due to which it is more vulnerable to such infections which may lead to vaginal itching.

The problem of vaginal itching can be prevented by applying various creams that are available in the market for same.

No Menstrual Cycle

With the increase in age also the menstrual cycle of women stop. This is natural which affects each and every woman after a specific age but still results in great level of discomfort in all women.

This is because of the sudden change in functioning of the body and it’s after effects on the body.

Thus there are many problems which may create vaginal discomfort in older women some of which are curable while some are not.

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