Various Effects Of Breast Cancer

Various Effects Of Breast Cancer

Various Effects Of Breast Cancer There are several variables that bear an impact on the effects of breast cancer.The effects of these variables depend on some other questions like how old the women is who is suffering from breast cancer, when the cancer was diagnosed and the time since the treatment started and the kind of treatment given.

This is because if the treatment was started in the early stage of cancer then the side effects are not so many and the impact of them is less serious. The treatment of the side effects of breast cancer should be started on time so that the chances of recurrence of breast cancer are minimized.

The breast cancer treatment may give an end to various signs and symptoms of breast cancer but there are certain physical and psychological side effects of breast cancer that stays for longer time and necessary measure should be adopted to get rid of these effects. These side effects are explained here:

Effects of Breast Cancer

Tenderness in Breasts

The shape of the breast changes after breast cancer. The blood vessels of the skin of the breast dilate which leads to the presence of red blotches in the breast. The breast becomes tender and small in size. The skin takes a darker red color. Some women suffer from the problem of pain in the breast that can be treated with the help of a pain killer or by wearing a support bra.

Lungs Problem

The walls of the lungs become inflamed, hard and thick. Some women suffer from the problem in breathing, pain in the chest and dry cough.

Various Effects Of Breast Cancer


These problems can be cured of with the use of steroid for inflammation, antibiotics for breast infection and inhalers can be used to open the air passages.

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Feeling of Fatigue

The health condition leads to a feeling of tiredness in the body and fatigue all the time. It may be a sign of heart disease, sleep apnea or thyroid problems so necessary tests should be done to diagnose the existence of these problems. If no such disease exists then the women should go from practicing some relaxation techniques, exercise regularly and take an energy enhancing diet to get rid of all these problems.

Pain in the Muscles and Joints

The joints and muscles of the body suffer from the pain. This is due to the damage to the nerves of the body. Swelling and inflammation in the arm on the side of the breast takes place. Some women suffer from the problem of depression which becomes a reason for the muscle pain. It becomes difficult to use the shoulder as it leads to pain. Massage therapy and acupuncture techniques can be used to get rid of the pain in the joints and muscles.

Sexual Problems

Women face several types of sexual problems like decreased interest in sexual activities, pain while doing intercourse and fear of discomfort with the partner. The body image observes change. Excessive sweating and hot flashes occur in some women in the menopausal period as a side effect of breast cancer. Antibiotics can be taken to get rid of the sexual problems.

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