Various Types Of Breast CancerBreast cancer is the most common type of cancer found among women all over the world. But it is sometimes detected only after reaching an advanced stage which makes treatment difficult. Lack of knowledge about breast cancer often leads to misinterpreting the disease. The right treatment in the early stages of breast cancer will cure it completely.

Some of the signs of breast cancer are lumps found near the breast or in the armpits, change in the size of the breasts, changes in the nipple and in the color and texture, but only a person aware of these factors will be able to detect it in the early stages.

Ignorant people often realize it only when it reaches an advanced stage and then there is no hope for them. Lifestyle as well as changes in the environment and hereditary factors can cause different types of breast cancer. Some types of breast cancer are harmless, while some have to be treated in the right way.

Two Common Types of Breast Cancer

Ductal Carcinoma in Situ

When the cells in the ducts of the breast start turning cancerous this condition is known as ductal carcinoma in situ. But these cancerous cells will be confined to the ducts itself and will not spread to other portions. But once it is deducted, it must be treated and if not there are chances of it spreading later.

Lobular Carcinoma in Situ

The breast lobules start becoming abnormal, though this is not cancer. The cells are in the inner lining of the lobes in the breast and initially cause no harm, but there is risk of invasive cancer in the future. But this doesn’t mean that those who have LCIS will have invasive cancer, many do not. LCIS can occur in men also but very rarely. This condition does not come up in X-rays or mammogram but only when biopsy is done for some other reason or when the cells are examined after a lump is removed.

Some Other Breast Cancers

Invasive ductal Cancer

This is the most common type of cancer and occurs when the cancerous ducts start spreading to the surrounding tissues.

Invasive lobular Breast Cancer

This cancer can occur in women of any age, but mostly between the ages 45 to 50. Here too, the cancerous lobules start spreading to the surrounding breast tissues. This can affect both the breasts and even if found in one breast there are chances of it developing in the other breast also.

Inflammatory Breast cancer

Inflammatory Breast cancer

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Here, the breast tissues become inflamed and this is a rare type of cancer. The lymph channels or ducts are blocked by the cancer cells and the breast becomes red, swollen and hard to touch.

Paget’s Disease

Paget’s disease starts in the nipple or areola and will be itchy. When scratched, blood may come out. Those having this disease will have a lump behind the nipple and in many cases it turns out to be invasive breast cancer.

Some Rare Types of Breast Cancer

They are also called ‘some special types’ of cancer as the cells have some particular features.

Medullary Breast Cancer

This is found in only 5% of the breast cancers and the cancer cells are larger than the ordinary cells and the tumor contains white blood cells.

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Mucinous Breast Cancer

Only 2% of the breast cancers are mucinous cancer, is slow in growing and affects the lymph nodes.

Tubular breast cancer

Of breast cancers only 1% is tubular cancer and is so called because the cancer cells are found in the shape of tubes, affect the lymph nodes which have to be removed.

Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma

Again, only 1% of breast cancers are adenoid cyst cancers, also grow slowly and is known by the name cribriform cancer.

Metaplastic Breast Cancer

This is a mixture of two cell types and is sensitive to hormone therapy.

Lymphoma of the Breast

They contain lymphoid as well as breast tissues.

Though with similarities to the breast cancer in women, this is a rare disease in men and risks are less. Men closely related to women who have breast cancer are more prone to the disease as it can be inherited genetically. There are many other types of breast cancer also but found very rare. Women are more affected by breast cancer which may be due to the modern lifestyle and food habits though the actual reason is still not known. Complete cure for cancer has yet to be found and is often not detected in the beginning stages.

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