9 Various Urinary Infection Symptoms

Urinary Infection Symptoms

Urinary infections occur due to bacteria that find its way to the urethra and begin to infect the urinary tract. The first thing that you have to ensure is to check for any of the urinary infection symptoms present in your urinary tract.

This is the first step to identify that your urinary tract is infected by bacteria. Usually such infections occur in the upper part of the urinary tract and in the lower part. Listen to your body as it would inform you about the symptoms to determine whether you have a urinary infection or not.

Top Urinary Infection Symptoms

Acute Pain In The Lower Abdomen

Acute Pain In The Lower Abdomen

The urinary infection symptoms of the lower tract are burning sensation while urinating, extreme pain while urinating, acute pain in the lower part of the abdomen and the urine has a foul odor.

Nausea And Vomiting

The upper tract features some other symptoms, such as nausea, fever, pain at the lower back area and vomiting.


If experiencing any of these symptoms caused by the infection in the upper or lower tract, seek medical help immediately before the infection worsens.

Other Common Symptoms

Urge To Urinate

You might feel the urge to urinate frequently soon after you urinate. The urge is so strong that you cannot concentrate on your studies or work as it is very frequent.

Urge To Urinate

This is one of the common urinary infection symptoms that you will already be aware of.

Burning Sensation

When you urinate, you might experience an excruciating pain combined with a burning sensation while passing urine.

Instead of experiencing a relief when the urine drains out you will feel a sharp and stingy pain that would cause you to cry in pain.

Unsatisfactory Urination

Soon after urinating, you might not feel it’s over. Instead you will have a feeling that you have not urinated fully. This is one of the most bothering urinary infection symptoms as you will be in a dilemma whether to use the bathroom or not.

Appearance Of Blood Along With Urine

This is one among the serious urinary infection symptoms that needs immediate help of a medical practitioner. This condition called hematuria features blood with urine which is also a warning sign for you.

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Cloudy Look

You will notice while passing urine that your urine has a cloudy look to it and has a strong foul smell which might be absent otherwise. Your urine will somewhat resemble a look of highly diluted milk.

Pain In The Pelvic Region

One of the surest symptoms of urinary infection is the acute pain which you might experience from time to time in your pelvic region or in your lower abdomen area.

Pain In The Pelvic Region

If the pain gets worse, do not opt for the local pain killers. Instead, you must seek immediate help of a doctor near your locality.


A very low fever with very low temperature would be a result of any of the symptoms triggered by the infection.


This fever will usually be accompanied by one or more symptoms which you should make a note of.