Vegetables To Prevent Cervical Cancer

Most of the diseases of the world are caused by wrong eating habits and lifestyle. A healthy diet will ensure that we stay healthy all throughout our lives without falling for life threatening diseases. Cervical cancer, a form of cancer that affects the cervix, kills more than 4000 women every year in the United States.

Cervical cancer can be prevented through a healthy diet and intake of certain vegetables that have cancer inhibiting properties. These vegetables if taken on a daily basis will help prevent cancerous growths in the body and in some cases reverse the abnormal changes that are already present in the cervix.

Red And Yellow Vegetables

Vegetables that are red and yellow in colour are particularly beneficial inpreventing cervical cancer. These vegetables contain alpha carotene, beta carotene, lutein, flavonoids etc. which can help in healing the body and also in preventing cancer of all forms including cervical cancer. Taking tomatoes every day will help in keeping a number of diseases at bay. The carotenoids in tomatoes can fight cancer cells and destroy them completely.

Taking pumpkins and carrots which are high in beta and alpha carotene too can help the body fight against free radical damage as these vegetables are rich in alpha carotene. Two fruits that contain beta cryptoxanthin which is again a carotenoid that destroys cancer cells are papayas and peaches. Then comes green leafy vegetables like spinach and parsley which contain lutein that helps in fighting cancerous cells in the body.

Vegetables With Flavonoids

Flavonoids have been touted to fight cancer cells and prevent cancerous lesions in the body. People who eat food that is rich in flavonoids regularly are known to remain healthy without any cancers of the body. Women who are prone to cervical cancer due to a family history or those who would like to prevent cervical cancer can include plenty of onions, garlic, broccoli, asparagus etc. which are vegetables that are rich in flavonoids.

Vegetables Rich In Folate

Vegetables like avocado are full of plant phytochemicals which work towards destroying pre cancerous cells that develop before the initiation of cervical cancer. Phytochemicals act by increasing the functional oxygen in the cells, all the while protecting the healthy cells that lie around the pre cancerous cells. Avocado is rich in folate which is essentially vitamin B in a much more soluble form. Other folate rich foods that can be consumed are lentils, chickpeas etc. Folates reduce recurrent Human Papilloma Virus infections which can lead to cervical cancer.

Vegetables Rich In Lycopene

Red vegetables and fruits like tomatoes, grapefruits and watermelons are rich in lycopene which is a phytochemical. The highest amount of lycopene can however be found in tomato sauce and juice. Lycopene increases the ability of the body to resist and fight infections. Therefore it is good to include tomatoes in your daily diet as salads, juice or sauce. Tomato juice can be substituted in the place of soft drinks to remain healthy and happy all throughout your life.

A diet that is very rich in nutritious foods, especially the vegetables mentioned above will help you prevent cervical cancer to a great extent.