Vital Information On Headaches With High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure Headaches that occur mostly during early mornings, soon after waking up are the ones associated with high blood pressure (hypertension). High blood pressure that is not being controlled, results in blurred vision, morning headaches and also depression, at times. Such regular morning headaches are dangerous as this may result into a stroke, a life threatening situation that may cause severe mental or physical incapacitation or death.

It is rare that individuals recover fully, after having a stroke. Hence, there is a direct connection between high blood pressure, headaches and possibility of a stroke.

Identification Of High Blood Pressure Linked Headache

High blood pressure headaches are distinguished by headache occurring behind the eye, followed by a dizzy feeling, palpitations and irregular heartbeats. More signs and symptoms include nervousness, restlessness, fatigue, urgency to urinate and shortness of breath. A headache showing all such symptoms is a clear indication of high blood pressure linked headache that needs to be considered as a serious concern.


As per records, women are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure induced headaches, and women beyond the age 50 are more prone to be attacked by these than those in younger age. Moreover, in women, pregnancy and obesity makes the possibility of a headache attack all the more higher. Stress is another factor contributing to headaches associated with high blood pressure.
Prevention of high blood pressure associated headaches

Reduce Salt Intake

One need to keep a close check on what they eat and how much salt intake is happening on daily basis. Excess salt on daily basis aggravate the problem.

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One can easily assess the difference in health, once the consumption of salt is reduced or eliminated, there will be considerable relief from headache troubles.

Get Yourself Checked

Morning headache signals should never be ignored and those with regular episodes of these should get themselves examined, to rectify the underlying situation at the earliest and prevent severe consequences. High blood pressure interferes with the proper functioning of many vital organs of the body. It is vital to monitor blood pressure every week and keep it under check.

Limit Intake Of Unsaturated Fats

People with high blood pressure and associated headaches, necessarily limit consumption of unsaturated fatty acids, found high in foods like red meat.

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Moreover, such foods load one with excess fats that also needs to be cut down to make metabolism more effective. Slow metabolism is the cause for poor circulation, which inturn raises blood pressure.

Manage Stress Efficiently

Stress cannot be always avoided or ignored, but we need to learn to manage that more effectively and productively. Involve in process of yoga, exercise or meditation as these offer fresh flow of energy to mind, body and soul. Then one is able to fight back much better with any stressful condition. Lowering stress bound to improve blood pressure and hence, the associated headaches.

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For those, who experience frequent headaches and patients with high blood pressure, should never ignore headache signs that warn one for an upcoming trouble. Easy way is to get examined and let the doctor ensures that there is nothing serious to worry in the near future. In case, it is serious, one can be treated immediately.