3 Ways To Avoid The Risk Of Preterm Labor

3 Ways To Avoid The Risk Of Preterm Labor

3 Ways To Avoid The Risk Of Preterm Labor

Any birth after the 37th week of gestation is considered normal and safe. However birth before 37th week is called premature birth and is mostly the result of premature or preterm labor. Preterm labor must be taken very seriously and every step must be taken to avoid it. Children born prematurely due to preterm labor are more prone to development delays and various health problems. Consult your gynecologist regularly from the time you detect pregnancy.

Here Are 3 Ways By Which You Can Avoid The Risk Of Preterm Labor :

Watch Your Weight During Pregnancy

Over-weight or under-weight can cause preterm labor. Putting on too much of weight during pregnancy increases your risk of preterm labor leading to premature delivery. Similarly if you are underweight during pregnancy means that you have some nutritional deficiency which again can cause preterm labor. Take care to eat healthy. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. It is important to exercise during pregnancy. Consult your doctor about the kind of exercises that are suitable for you. Over-weight during pregnancy can also cause several health problems like gestational diabetes or preeclampsia. Such disorders increase the risk of preterm labor.

Check Weight

Treat Infections Immediately

Uterine infections, vaginal infections or infections caused by sexually transmitted dieses is another major cause behind preterm labor. It is important to consult your doctor and get yourself tested whenever you suspect an infection during pregnancy. Several researches show that infections trigger the release of a chemical named Cytokines that helps the body to fight the infection. However this cytokines chemical also lead to dilation of the cervix and causes contractions. So infections if not treated early during pregnancy will lead to preterm labor.

vaginal infections

Quit Smoking And Alcohol

Giving up smoking and alcohol is a very effective way of preventing preterm labor. Smoking or consumption of alcohol during pregnancy increases your risk of preterm labor and preterm birth. Try avoiding non-prescription drugs also as you can never be sure of their constituents.

Quit Smoking, Alcohol

There is no full-proof method by which you can absolutely eliminate the risk of preterm labor. But by following the before mentioned ways you can effectively reduce the chances of preterm labor and hence prevent premature delivery.