Ways To Get Pregnant Following Anorexia

How To Get Pregnant Following Anorexia Eating disorders can be very difficult to live with. Just like alcoholism, recovery from eating disorders can be very tricky. Women can relapse if not careful. Anorexia nervosa is a common eating disorder that can even lead to death due to severe malnourishment.

Women suffering from anorexia can literally starve themselves to death. When this is the case, pregnancy can be a difficult feat to attain. However, like any woman who has great determination and will power, anorexia too can be controlled with a healthy lifestyle and diet habits and pregnancy attained without much trouble. Here is how you can attain pregnancy after treating anorexia.

Ways To Get Pregnant After Anorexia

Attain A Healthy Weight

A healthy weight will help you attain pregnancy and swim through the pregnancy without much effort. For this, before pregnancy, you have to attain a healthy weight under the guidance of a nutritionist. Once you have reached an ideal weight in accordance with your height, you are now privileged to plan your pregnancy.

Anorexic women are underweight and this can lead to miscarriage and malnutrition of the foetus if not rectified before pregnancy. You must have a healthy weight at least 3-4 months before you start trying for pregnancy.

Check With Your Doctor

Instead of assessing your weight yourself, consult a doctor to check if it is safe for you to conceive and if your weight is adequate enough to take you through the entire term. You doctor might prescribe the right vitamin and mineral supplements if necessary and check for any problems that can be dangerous during your pregnancy.

You must ensure that you get a doctor’s consent before planning your pregnancy. This will help in avoiding complications during the term of your pregnancy. You must be under continuous monitoring of a doctor during pregnancy.

Diet Check

Ways To Get Pregnant Following Anorexia

Supplements will be necessary before and during the entire term of pregnancy and afterwards. Calcium is one of the most essential minerals for women who are anorexic or who have recovered for anorexia. This is because the body’s calcium reserves might have been depleted with the episode of anorexia and that needs to be regenerated before pregnancy.

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Folic acid too plays a great role in preventing anomalies in the foetus and must be started much before you plan your pregnancy. Multivitamin supplements can be started before pregnancy with the advice of a doctor and must be continued well into your pregnancy and afterwards.

Check Your Ovulation

As in the case of all women, tracking ovulation is important to look for the most fertile days of your cycle so that you can make the maximum of these days by trying for pregnancy. Your ovulation and menstruating cycles must have been irregular or absent while you had anorexia due to the lack of nutrients and iron deficiency.

Wait until your menstruation and ovulation are on track before you plan your pregnancy. Ovulation can be tracked using several methods like ovulation kit, checking the clarity or cervical mucous, using your basal body temperature etc.