Ways To Help Someone Recover After Breast Implant Surgery

Like any other surgical procedure, breast augmentation will also have pain, swelling, chances of infection and limitation of movement. A person recovering from breast augmentation surgery will take a few days or even months depending on her body type and immunity. Being available for her as a friend or a close relative is essential, at least during the initial days of the surgery.

If you are planning to help around during the healing period, make sure that you know what you are getting into. Here are some advices to follow and be ready for the helping around.

1. Make enough time for the purpose so that you are not hard pressed for time. It might take several days before the person can recover. Assess how many days you want to help around. Some people take months before they get back to normal. You may not want to be available for them for that much time anyway.

Assess the situation and be willing to give a reasonable time for the person if you are close to her. However, make sure that you communicate to her in advance that you will be available for only so many days or months so that she can make arrangements if she needs more help.

2. Help her with daily chores like washing, bathing, lifting things and maybe helping with the kids too. These activities may not be possible for her in the initial days as it will put a strain on the stitches and cause chances for breaking. Make sure that she stays away from strenuous activities during this time to help her heal fast.

3. Keep an eye on her incisions and medications as well. Ensure that there is no cause for infection and also make sure that the medicines are taken on time, including the pain medications which might be necessary to control the pain.

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4. Be aware of the type of complications associated with breast augmentation surgeries. This will help you keep your eyes open and prevent complications. If there is fever, swelling and warmth in the area, then she could be developing an infection in the breast which needs to be reported immediately to prevent advancement.

5. Ensure that she does the breast massage recommended by the physician. This will prevent stiffening and capsular contractures that might require another surgical intervention due to misshaped breasts. Your friend must also wear the surgical bra that is recommended by the doctor in the initial days. Surgical bras will help in minimising the scar formation on the breast and hence a necessity. Ensure that these things are well taken care of on a daily basis.

6. You can keep ice packs on the incision if swelling and pain is very bad. This will offer her relief for some time and prevent distress.

7. Above all, emotional support is very important. This is very important than physical presence as emotional support will help her de stress and recover fast. Women who develop complications like infection would require more emotional support as they would be in terrible distress during this time.