Ways To Prevent Bleeding And Spotting During Pregnancy

Prevent Bleeding And Spotting During PregnancyBleeding during pregnancy is a very scary experience. But this is a very common phenomenon and up to 30 percent of women who are pregnant are known to experience spotting or bleeding at some point during their pregnancy.

Whilst some cases of bleeding might be trivial, there could be others who face bleeding or spotting that can be due to an impending miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy.

Bleeding during the later stages of pregnancy could mean that you are going into labour or there is a placenta complication that require immediate attention. It is important to know when to take things seriously as it can cause the life of your foetus.

Ways To Prevent Bleeding During Pregnancy

Prenatal Checkups

Pregnancy complications can arise any time during the nine months. This is why prenatal checkups are of extreme importance. Keeping your doctor’s appointment at the right time will help catch any untoward symptoms early on and prevent complications like bleeding, miscarriage etc.

Prevent Bleeding And Spotting During Pregnancy

Follow the advice given by your doctor at all times. Some women are advised complete bed rest due to a complicated pregnancy and others need to be on constant watch to prevent complications.

Avoid Strenuous Tasks

While pregnant, it is wise to keep away from strenuous jobs even if you have a normal and healthy pregnancy. Accidents can happen any time and taking extra precaution will help in the long run.

Avoid lifting heavy things and things that make you prone to getting hurt. Your centre of gravity is changing and you are more susceptible to falls and slips. Make sure that do things like walking and climbing stairs more slowly and cautiously.

Check For Symptoms

If you have a difficult pregnancy, it makes sense to keep a watch so that you catch the symptoms early. Place a pad in your underwear to look for spotting or bleeding which you might otherwise miss. If you have severe or moderate bleeding or even unnatural spotting, make sure that you report to the doctor immediately.

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Take Rest

Prevent Bleeding And Spotting During Pregnancy

If you experience sudden vaginal bleeding, stop panicking and call your health care provider immediately. Ensure that you lie on the bed and not walk around or lift anything or climb steps which can increase the bleeding and complicate matters.

Check Your Due Date

Bleeding towards the end of your pregnancy would mean that you are going into labour. If the bleeding or spotting occurs in the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy, it could be due to several reasons like implantation bleeding, ectopic pregnancy or even a miscarriage. Understanding your stage of pregnancy will help you assess better as to what could be the reason and seek medical help immediately without delay.

Avoid Intercourse

If you have had a difficult pregnancy before or have a complicated pregnancy, it is better to avoid sexual intercourse altogether to be on the safe side. Sometimes, intercourse can trigger an episode of bleeding if you have a weak cervix. Talk to your doctor about further suggestions to avoid bleeding and spotting during pregnancy.