Ways To Prevent Teenage Pregnancy

One of the rosiest time in everybody’s life is that of teenage. This is simply because everybody has a vague view of the world at this point of their life. Reality strikes only when people grow out of that phase into adulthood.

Teenagers expect their share of freedom which should be given to them at this stage. However, as parents you will have to play your part by explaining to them the consequences of their acts. You should raise your kids with discipline, but also ensure that your children trust you enough to talk to you about anything.

Most cases of teen pregnancy victims come from dysfunctional families. Lack of communication between children and parents can push children to drug abuse, teen pregnancy etc. Here are few steps that all parents must take to prevent their little girls from teen pregnancy.


It is very important to talk to your children and maintain a healthy mode of communication with them. However, try not to sound too strict at all times. It is just as important to become your child’s friend to lead them to the right path. But also ensure that you do not interfere too much in your child’s life. Taking about sex should not be a taboo subject as it is the reality of life. Hence do not hesitate to talk to your teenage daughter about the same.

Most girls falling victim to teen pregnancy do not have the right information about what can get them pregnant. You will have to explain all about it to your daughter so that she understands the seriousness of the matter. In most cases, teenagers are not aware of the penalties of the things they do. However, if they remain aware of the same they abstain from indulging in such acts.

Sex Education

Schools should take initiatives and conduct sex education classes. These classes are very significant as these enlighten students about healthy sex and precautionary measures. They are also taught all about sexually transmitted diseases and infections that might trigger after indulging in unsafe sex. This increases awareness among teenagers and they refrain from such activities themselves. Those who ignore the consequences and repeat their mistakes might suffer at later stages of life. The role of teachers and parents also plays a very vital role in growth and development of the child.


As teenagers and responsible individuals you will have to play your part in preventing teen pregnancies. It is best to practice abstinence to stay away from such issues. If you find it impossible to follow the same then you can at least go for safe sex practices. Use of good quality condoms is very effective for preventing unwanted pregnancies.

If you indulged in unsafe sex, then you can have emergency contraception pill within three days after having unprotected intercourse. This will not reduce your chances of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases but will definitely hinder fertilization and pregnancy. Teen pregnancy is a very serious issue and should not be ignored. Everybody including parents, teachers and teenagers will have to play their part in preventing and controlling the same.