Ways To Shrink Fibroids  Naturally

Also called as uterine fibroids, fibromyomas or just myomas, fibroids are tumors that are characterized by the growth of fibrous and muscle tissue in the uterus. Usually non cancerous, fibroids can occur inside the uterus in a variety of sizes, and can be as small as a pea or as large as a musk melon.

Effect Of Fibroids On The Body

Almost every woman would get fibroids in her uterus at some point of time in her life. And while these tumors remain benign and harmless for the most part, they can cause a few troublesome health related issues at times.

Some of the more common issues caused by fibroids include abnormal vaginal bleeding during menstruation, abdominal cramps and pain, premature labor, troubled delivery, and miscarriage etc. with the worst case scenarios being infertility and a condition called leiomyosarcoma (a very rare form of cancer).

How To Treat Fibroids Naturally

Although there are plenty of standard treatments, medications and surgical options to take care of fibroids in the uterus, they would be of no use without certain practices that can help these treatments work faster in addition to help reducing fibroids themselves.

Here are some of the more natural and yet very effective ways to reduce/prevent fibroids. You can opt for any one or a combination of these options for best results. However, make sure you check the same with a qualified practitioner before starting off.

Diet Considerations

Fibroids are sometimes caused by the excess levels of estrogen produced in the body. And so what you eat can directly affect the growth of fibroids in your body.

Accordingly, opt for organic foods that are rich in complex carbohydrates, dietary fiber (ex: brown rice, oats), and essential fatty acids (including nuts, oily fish, seeds and their derivative oils). Drinking plenty of water every day can also reduce the growth of fibroids to an extent.

Ways To Shrink Fibroids  Naturally

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Including foods that contain high amounts of phytoestrogens (for example: linseeds, chickpeas, red clover, lentils, soy and alfalfa etc.) can help control the growth of fibroids. The phytoestrogens present in these products help to inhibit the production of excess estrogen by sidestepping the latter’s binding process.

If you have fibroids in your uterus, then there are certain foods that you would either need avoid completely or consume in smaller quantities. These include saturated salt, caffeine, alcohol, sugary foods, artificial sweeteners, any kind of additives or preservatives, black tea, fizzy drinks, dairy products, and red meat.

Natural Herbs That Do The Trick

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There are some herbs that can help treat, reduce or prevent uterine fibroids. However, you need to take these herbs only under the guidance of a qualified practitioner and should avoid taking them in case you are on prior medication or treatment involving oral contraceptives, hormonal treatments, fertility drugs or HRT.

Some of the herbs that you use for fibroids include paeonia and licorise, ladies mantle and chaste tea, combinations of which can help control the production of estrogen in the body; horsetail, yarrow, witch hazel, beth root, cransebill and ginseng, all of which help to control abnormal bleeding; and damiana, calendula and poke root that effectively help to shrink existing fibroids and prevent the formation of new ones.

Supplements That Can Help

The use of certain vitamin and mineral supplements can help control the growth of fibroids. Accordingly, some of the supplements you can opt for include iron (controls abnormal bleeding when taken in conjunction with Vitamin C), zinc (repairs tissue and regulates hormone levels), calcium, magnesium (both help to treat and prevent muscle spasms), vitamin A & C (help to control excessive bleeding by strengthening and controlling the capillaries), vitamin B & B6 (help to control blood clotting and production of endogenous estrogen), omega 3 fatty acids (in the form of oils that control pain and inflammation) and DIM (curbs the production of endogenous estrogen).

Just make sure that you check with a doctor before opting for these supplements. Results would usually be visible after the first few months.

Alternative Options To Treat Fibroids

In addition to opting for these methods to reduce fibroids naturally, there are some other alternatives you can try out for the same. These include exercises, massages, skin brushing, progesterone creams, homeopathic medications, aromatherapy and acupuncture.

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