What Are Breast Lumps Made Of?

What Are Breast Lumps Made Of

What Are Breast Lumps Made Of Generally, women have a tendency to ignore any changes that happen in their body. Breast lumps are the most commonly ignored condition by almost all women The reason behind this seems to be that almost all women of reproductive age have breast lumps and most of them are harmless and non cancerous.

In this gamble, it is always the small percentage of women who develop cancerous lumps that stand to lose their game.

Breast lumps are of varying compositions and therefore, checking every lump formation is of utmost importance to protect you from the danger of cancer. What are breast lumps made of? Let’s take a look.

Types of Breast Lumps

Starting with the most dangerous, cancerous lumps are the most threatening and are formed due to a variety of lifestyle and genetic factors. These lumps are the result of abnormal cell multiplication in the body. Cancerous lumps require a lumpectomy or mastectomy and accompanying treatments like radiation therapy and chemotherapy to save the patient from loss of life and recurrence.

One of the most common lump formations are known as fibrocystic breast disease which are caused due to the growth of breast tissues, milk ducts and cysts. They are hard and cause pain and discomfort especially during menstruation due to hormone changes. Being harmless, they mostly go away after menopause. Surgery is suggested if the lump is very big and troublesome.

Water retention in the body too is another common reason for development of breast lumps known as cysts. These fluid filled pockets develop with faulty diet or a diet that is rich in sodium or saturated fats. They too are harmless and can be removed with diet control.

Calcifications can crop up in any part of the body. These calcium masses that are hardened can sometimes be a threat to your life as they can break away and enter the blood stream, causing blocks and resultant health problems. Micro calcifications are considered more dangerous as they can break easily into micro particles and enter the blood stream.

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Excess milk ducts and tissues in the breast too are reasons for lump formations in the breast. These mostly occur in obese women and are known as fibro adenomas. They are very hard and rubbery in composition and may cause discomfort for many women. They can be painful and are mostly treated with pain killers and sometimes surgery.

Intraductal papillomas are lumps that are mostly like wart formations. These lumps are formed inside the milk ducts. As they are growths inside the milk ducts, they can lead to discharge through the nipples which is a symptom to watch out for.

Finally, breast lumps can be formed as a result of damage to the breast tissues. This can be due to an accident or a surgery or injury. The cells inside the breast die due to lack of blood supply and the dead cells start forming a lump of fat that is known as fat necrosis. These lumps are very hard and round in nature and can mar the texture of your entire breast tissue.