5 Causes Of Acne In Adult Females

Causes Of Acne In Adult Females

Acne is one of the most annoying skin diseases, coming in the way of having a radiant and clear skin.

Acne is a facial disorder which affects the face, neck, chest and back in common. Acne occurs in adults when the hair follicles or pores in the face get blocked by the enlargement of bacterial oil inside the skin. The exact cause for acne is unknown till now besides there have been several researches by medical experts to find the same.

It is believed that adult females are more prone to acne disease due to their hormones favoring the cause of disease. Some of the major causes known till now for the cause of  acne in female adults are:

Causes Of Acne

Hormonal Differences – Prime Cause For Acne:

It is well known that hormones cause for a major differences in males and females. The facial hormones of both males and females are very different.

Hormonal Differences

The female faces do not have hairs on it and as such the sebaceous glands under the face enlarges. These glands mix with the oily surface under the skin which is nothing but the dead cells. This automatically develops small black or white spots on the skin which is called acne.

Diet As A Main Cause:

Unhealthy diet is always a cause for most of the deadly diseases including the acne. Consumption of unhealthy foods like canned or processed foods which contain chemicals directly result in the acne.

Unhealthy Diet

That is why employed females are more prone to acne due to consumption of such foods in a hurry. Street foods that contain contaminated oil are also result in acne. Unhealthy diet results in both male as well as female acne.

Increase In Mental Stress:

Stress as known commonly by all is the root cause of almost all human disorders. Stress reduces the healing power in human beings.

Increase In Mental Stress

Apart from that, it also increases mental pressure in human beings which directly affects their food consumption. Hence, indirectly stress accounts for acne in male and female.

Scarcity In Vitamin Can Increase Acne Risk:

Vitamins help in maintaining fitness and wellness of human beings. Hence, it is very much necessary to consume vitamins rich foods for having healthy body.

Scarcity In Vitamin Can Increase Acne Risk

Vitamins A, B, C and E are some of the vitamins which are directly related with the causes of acne. Hence, care must be taken while on diet to give priority for foods that contain such vitamins.

Cosmetics Proving To Be Major Cause  Of Acne In 21st Century:

Women are more status associated than males in recent days. Women are very conscious about their skin, which has resulted in increase of  the use of cosmetics and make-up items. There are chances that the cosmetics used by them may be outdated or has been expired.

Cosmetics Proving To Be Major Cause  Of Acne

Such items can affect the skin thereby causing the eruption of black or white spots on them.  In recent days, the causes of acne due to cosmetics are experienced by females on a large scale.

The above points are some of the common causes, carefully examined after researches. However, these problems can be tackled by females with effective care.