Women Who Are At Risk Of Uterine Cancer

Uterine Cancer Risk Factors

Uterine Cancer Risk Factors Uterine cancer is not a common type of cancer that affects women. However, there are certain risk factors associated with uterine cancer and make some women more susceptible to the disease.

Identifying these risk factors will help you keep your eyes open for early signs and prevent the advancement of the disease greatly. Like all cancers, early diagnosis is the key to a successful treatment in uterine cancer. Discussed below are risk factors that put some women directly in the forefront of developing uterine cancer.

Who Are At Risk Of Uterine Cancer?

Women Who Are Overweight

Women who are overweight will also have increased estrogen production in their bodies which increase the risk of uterine cancer. American Cancer Society warns that obese women increase their risk three times and overweight women double their chances of getting ovarian cancer. It is important to keep the diet low in fat if you are in the high risk category for developing ovarian cancer.

Irregular Ovulation

Irregular ovulation means that the endometrial lining is not adequately shed every month, leading to abnormalities in the uterine lining and scar formations and thickening of the uterine lining, increasing the chances of ovarian cancer. Irregular ovulation is also one reason which causes infertility in women.

Uterine cancer risk increases in women who have never had children. This is because the uterus has been inactive and the irregularity of periods would have led to scarring that can lead to cancerous developments later on.

Old Age

Symptoms Of Uterine Cancer

As women age, the risk of developing uterine cancer too increases. This is because these women have been exposed to estrogen more than the others as they have been menstruating for many years. Late menopause too is a factor that can lead to uterine cancer as these women are exposed to more estrogen than the others.

Early Menstruation

The same reason mentioned above can be attributed to women who have had their menstrual cycle early. They too are exposed to more estrogen in their lifetime. The risk becomes more if women have had early menstrual cycle and late menopause.

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Health Conditions

Certain health conditions put some women at higher risk of uterine cancer than others. These are the women who are diabetic and have had other cancerous conditions like breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

Hereditary conditions that lead to nonpolyposis colorectal cancer too are factors that put women in the high risk category. Women who have this hereditary condition have a forty to sixty percent chance of developing uterine cancer.

Women Undergoing HRT

Symptoms Of Uterine Cancer

HRT or hormone replacement therapy is a therapy option chosen by many women after their menopause to reduce the discomfort associated with hormone fluctuations in their body. Those women who choose to undergo estrogen only hormone replacement therapy is at high risk of developing uterine cancer.

The risk of developing uterine cancer with HRT can be reduced with the use of progestin. But then there are other risks associated with progestin too like formations of blood clots in the body and development of breast cancer which too are life threatening.