2 Yoga To Brighten Your Dark Circles

Dark Circles!

Woman’s eyes are the most attractive feature. A woman’s eyes speak volumes, even if she does speak, her eyes say it all.But nowadays lots of women have the problem of under – eye dark circles, which is a big hindrance in her beauty. People speak about cosmetic surgeries, make – up etc. to get rid of them. Let’s find out some safe, realistic and logical ways to brighten dark circles.

Causes Of Dark Circles

The biggest reason is crash dieting. Women often get tempted to crash diet, and hence the important supply of antioxidants, fluids, minerals etc doesn’t reach our body, and in most of the cases dark circles appear. So ladies, please watch out. The sad part of dark circles is that once they appear, it’s impossible to eradicate them! Not that you can’t lighten them.

Crash dieting

Next is irregular routine. People who work in BPO’s and similar night shift or rotating shifts jobs also have a tendency to have dark circles. Next one is bowel or abdominal discomfort. Women having problems of passing motions especially in the morning are prone to having dark circles. Such people might have a low fluid or water intake.

Yogic Postures To Remove Dark Circles

Lion Pose

First is Singhasana or the Lion – pose. For this pose sit in vajrasana, fold your knees and rest your hips on the heels of legs, keep back upright. Now, breathe in slowly and release breath suddenly, simultaneously pop out your eyes and widen your mouth as much as possible with your tongue out as far as you can and teeth protruding. Hold this pose for 60 seconds and release.

Any of the inverted poses are also excellent for your dark circles as well as entire youth of your face. Sarvangasana is one of them, lie on your back straight hands stretched above the head. Lift both legs together and bring both the hands below your buttocks for support and raise your body and legs at 90 degrees to the floor. The whole body and legs should stand on the neck. Hold in this pose for 1/2 to 3 minutes breathing normally.


Another pose is Parvatasana. In this posture only the hands and feet are on the ground and lift the middle part of the body to the maximum so that a parvat or mountain is formed. Try to touch heels on the ground. Hold this again for 1/2 to 3 minutes breathing normally. Headstand or Shirshasana is also good but it has to be learnt by an expert and in their presence too.

Also, These asanas expel a lot of toxins from your body, so don’t forget to drink 8 glasses of water a day to remove them. Remember to end your yoga session with Shavasana to relax your body completely and bring your breathe back to normal. These postures when done regularly and in the right way will surely bring benefit to brighten the under eye dark circles and glow on face too.